This is $25 per color per location. Example 1… 3 color front and 1 color back = $25x4= $100 setup fees. Example 2… 1 color front = $25x1=$25 in setup fees. See pricing sheet
For more details, file is attached and talked about below.

Please contact us for our pricing sheet

Print ready artwork should be created with Adobe illustrator or Photoshop. The file extension requirements are .Ai, .PSD, .PNG and some .PDF files. If you don't have that type of file we can recreate your artwork for $25. Same price if you have a photo of your artwork, a hand sketch, .JPG file etc…

No problem! Tell us what you would like and we will create it for you. Artwork fees vary in price and are normally $25-$50.

If you just need text and don't have an artwork file, we will recreate your file for FREE.

Fonts are an important part of your design. Please visit
You can find fonts by category or search for a particular font name. Once you find the fonts you would like, write the full name down. You will give me the names

If you just want to keep it simple and want to leave the fonts to me… No problem, just let me know.

Our pricing sheet includes Gildan 5000/2000 or Hanes5170/5280 these shirts are great quality and durable. We have a large assortment of brands available so if you are looking for something different. Please visit our online catalog and pick your garments.
Click here http://www.catalogwearables.com/index.cfm?genid=Custom%20Shirts
Screen Printing Order minimum:
6 shirts for 1 color, one location design
12 shirts for 2, 3 or 4 color design
36 shirts for 5 and 6 color design
Did you just need one shirt? We can do that!
There is no setup fee for this process and we are not limited by colors. Your design can be 1 color or 10,000 colors and its the same price.
You will not need a vector file (original artwork file) PFD, JPG, EPS and more.
Setup Fees:
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